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Our PV and figures unveiled at Wonder Festival!

July 30, 2018


We wrapped up our second event at Wonder Festival Summer edition at Makuhari Messe Convention Center unveiling a sneak peak of our original pilot video featuring IPs from Shunya Yamashita (山下しゅんや), Kiseki Himura (比村奇石) , neco (橫山司),

Kamo Kamenn (かも仮面) and Reiichirou Ohfuji (大藤玲一郎) .


The PV introduces our 5 original IPs and a few of the main characters designed by our artists. 


Working titles:


Shunya Yamashita (山下しゅんや) - Sub Machine Gun Concerto 「サブマシンガン コンチェルト」

Kiseki Himura (比村奇石) - Yuliya Shoots Iron Elephants 「象撃ち銃のユーリア」

neco (橫山司) - Blade to Fall 「ブレイド トゥ フォール」

Kamo Kamenn (かも仮面) - Blooming Girls 「ブルーミング ガールズ」

Reiichirou Ohfuji (大藤玲一郎) - Weaponized Girls 「ウェポナイズド ガールズ」




In addition, 3 figures were introduced:

- "Mynette" (マイネッテ) by Shunya Yamashita

- "Yuliya" (ユーリア) by Kiseki Himura

- "Nora" (ノラ) by neco


These figures are an introduction to our IP's characters and we welcome new licensees who are interested in our IPs including figures and other merchandises.  



                                        "Mynette" by Shunya Yamashita (山下しゅんや)



                                                      "Yuliya" by Kiseki Himura (比村奇石)




                                                              "Nora" by neco (橫山司)










 Our cosplayer dressed in Shunya Yamashita's "Mynette" character


Souvenirs of our IPs including folder (neco), cups (neco and Shunya Yamashita) and posters (Kiseki Himura) available for purchase at our booth. 




 People waiting in line to take photos of our "Mynette" cosplayer


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