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Japanese Animators & Artists Who Worked On Our Original IPs

Shunya Yamashita

Yamashita is a Japanese illustrator and character designer. He designed video, online and arcade games for Nintendo and BANDAI NAMCO Games and is the artist behind Marvel Bishoujo Collection and DC Bishoujo Collection for Kotobukiya. He also designed the figures for Neon Genesis Evangelion characters Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu.

Kiseki Himura

Himura is a famous Dōjin (Fan Fiction) artist and is the original creator of the successful ONA "Tawawa on Monday" series. He is also the original character designer for popular TV series "Just Because!" and is the art contributor for manga "Sword Art Online: Progressive". 


neco is an illustrator and character designer whose original works have been created into figures, mobile and video games. This includes ‘重兵装型女子高生', which was created into an articulated figma action figure series and Re:ALT アカズキン, which was also created into a 1/7 scale figure. "Augmented Reality Girls Trinary", "Girls' Frontline" and "iDollers" were his original works that turned into mobile and video games. He created illustrations of Hatsune Miku for its MIKUEXPO2016 Japan / America which was also produced into a 1/8 scale MIKU figure. 

Kamo Kamenn

Kamo Kamenn is an illustrator and character designer. He created illustrations for RPG game Akashic Re:cords which was developed by Kadokawa Games and Square Enix. He also contributed to Cygame's mobile game Rage of Bahamut and also original illustrations for the book "ソード・ワールド2.0リプレイ サウザンドブレイブ ダンジョン探索、実況中!". His original work was featured in ヴァルキリーコネクト for A-team and also contributed to Hatsune Miku Summer Festival in Shibuya and its 10th anniversary book. 

Reiichirou Ohfuji

Ohfuji is an expert in military and guns, which he is known for his military themed illustrations. His original work was featured in "Tsukiuta" animated TV series and provided military research for TV series "Saga of Tanya the Evil". He contributes periodically to MC☆あくしず magazine's cover illustrations.

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