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Our first event at Wonder Festival!

Wonder Festival is a one day event that takes place twice a year in Chiba, Japan. The event is organized by KAIYODO.

It is a major event for toys, figurines and hobby enthusiasts and features anime figures, action figures, toys, garage kits and more.

Studio Dragon held its first branding event at the main hall of Wonder Festival featuring our artists - Shunya Yamashita, Kiseki Himura, Kamo Kamenn, neco and Reiichirou Ohfuji.

Click below for slideshow photos

The massive line-up around the convention complex for admission into the event

Studio Dragon's booth from afar

Studio Dragon's booth from afar

Main Hall

Main Hall

Crowds at other halls

Famed artists Kiseki Himura and neco were at our booth and KAIYODO's President Shuichi Miyawaki came to greet our team.

Special items of Studio Dragon x Artists were available for purchase and were sold out immediately including mugs, posters and folders.

We produced the first-ever "Yuliya" figure which was created by Kiseki Himura and sculpted by a famed Japanese artist. The first appearance of "Yuliya" at Wonder Festival received much praise given the proportion, accuracy and being true to Himura's creation, supervised to minor details.

"Yuliya" figure on display (taken before the event started)

Sunset at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex

...and this is just the beginning of Studio Dragon.

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